A Hand Spinners Delight

Sunday, December 04, 2016

It was a hot spring day in 2012 when the four of us set off in the big silver Ute-the F250-to buy two coloured cross breed wethers from the northern wheat and sheep belt in South Australia. The hankering to own a small flock of coloured sheep lay deep within until a family member generously offered that a few sheep could permanently co-habit with their two resident house paddock lawn movers. Seizing the moment, travel plans were laid and a new family agrarian adventure was underway as we headed north through Adelaide and up the Barrier Highway. Over 220 kms later we arrived. Fifty or more 6 month old wethers stood silently, motionless yet hesitantly in the yard. With a racing heart, the combination of heat, excitement and a flutter of nerves, I walked into the yard to commence the selection process. Sheep scattered, turned, propped and scattered again as we hand-picked a multi-coloured flock of five handsome boys. After a complimentary shear and drench, the F250 was loaded with the new cargo and we headed for home. The exceptional colour range and fleece quality of the flock made it impossible to stick to the original plan of two sheep.   Read More . . .