Kitchen Garden Sentinel

Sunday, November 17, 2013

 I heard her footsteps long before I heard her voice. The sound of leather on concrete announced her arrival on the footpath. With each footstep, I could hear her getting closer, closer, closer. They echoed deep in my consciousness, swirling and whirling and consuming it. I was heady with excitement and captivated by the rhythm and resonance of each footfall. When I heard the sound of leather on stones, I knew she was at the entrance. She walked into the yard, confident, purposefully and accompanied. Although I was nestled amongst my own kind in the far corner, I sensed a change.   Read More . . .


A Root that's Worth its Weight in Gold

Saturday, August 03, 2013

It’s old, it’s bold and has been around for more 2000 years.It’s cured the privileged and commoners alike. Its reputation of being fiery and untameable has tempted and tickled the palates of kings and ordinary people for centuries.Although in England, it was initially described as a sauce suitable only for country folk and robust labouring men as it is too strong for the tender and gentle stomachs of the landed gentry. It’s a perennial herb with large bright green leaves with prominent veins and toothed edges, which rise directly from a thick white root and it’s propagated by root cuttings.    Read More . . .