• Dormancy & Renewal: Summer Cherries  Winter Addiction

    The luscious cherry, a celebration of summer, is born out of the wintry dormancy of chilly winds and frosty mornings. This winters epitaph is a celebratory homage to dormancy and renewal and cherries winter addition.

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  •  Preserved Globe Artichokes

    Artichokes have been known in Italy since the 15th century and the Italians have  perfected the art of growing, harvesting, cooking, eating and preserving them. Preserve some of  your artichoke harvest  or when they are in abundance in the markets with this Italian inspired recipe and discover the joy of mastering the art of preparing artichoke hearts and sharing your home preserve with friends and family.   


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  • Golden Nuggets from the New World

    The early morning summer harvest always evokes a sense of joy, wonderment and culinary excitement. Within minutes the basket is full of zucchini, button squash, eggplants, a traffic light collection of capsicums - red, green and yellow orange - chillies and an abundance of tomatoes and basil. The next culinary journey will be inspired by the flavours of the Mediterranean or with a touch of turmeric and coriander seeds - the Middle East

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  • Spicy  Peach & Ginger Chutney

    This luscious chutney, reminiscent of summer, adds zing, the wham and wahoo to the table. Fresh peaches combined  with the punchy flavours of ginger, chilli and mustard produce a delightfully  fresh fruity but robust chutney that provides a tantilising point of difference to white meats, cheese boards, cold meat platters and the ploughman's lunch. 

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  • Dining alone with Madame Tattinger

    Behind the closed office door, his eyes scan the room; noting the industry magazines are not fanned in front of the maiden hair fern and the reception desk is untidy. It’s Sally’s third week and  Bill’s idiosyncrasies still elude her. In the quiet, he mulls over the day’s inspections, client proposals and paper work that needs completing to close another deal.

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